The simple questions

The simple questions in life are the easiest to change if we so choose to change.  I find in the children’s story book of Chicken Little, it is brains over brawns, is what makes the change.  I find simple little everyday conversations create a new chemistry, which creates change.  As the saying goes, “work smart not hard”, in turn is – “brains over brawns”.

When I walk into an elementary school anywhere in the nation, I pay attention to what messages are displayed on the walls in the hall ways.  The messages are then embedded in the human mind, which then creates images in the human brain for holographic memories.  The human mind has obscure human emotion. The human mind carries holographic memories throughout a persons life time in each lifetime.

Now would those signs that are messages that a child looks at on a daily basis instill a product in a subculture of secular education?  Someone would answer no, because it might make a child think and use their brain.  But, really does it?  Or may those messages begin the creation of how to think like a product, that fits nicely into the packaged norm way of thinking.  The new term would be “inside or outside the box”. Which then creates the separation of self from humanity.

A child’s mind is like a sponge.  It must be given opportunities to expand.  Messages are man-made communication, same as the subliminal message in the movie, “They live”. All messages come from the same source – the human mind.  With every problem in life is merely the term/label * CHALLENGE *.  To challenge is simply a challenge in personal growth.  To think the same as anyone else is merely becoming a pre-package norm robot in secular education.  In turn creates a product in a subculture within any society.

For every thought is created from a source. That source is the root of where a thought took on an energy of life.  The simple questions are formulated from root to challenge a thought pattern of change, which is a form of free will.  To think is to have free will. The thought of free will are the challenging questions of what may come, whether good or bad.  A cognitive thought of actions is the point of teaching of what a child needs, not what someone assumes a child needs.  The same teaching methods will always create the same results.  Change thought patterns and results change.

To change challenges into a different way of thinking will create a new behavioral pattern. Is it the thought of offering always yes or no result in any situation or circumstance?  We live in 3D 3rd dimension of earths physical realm of the human 5 senses.  The different way would be to offer yes, no, and/or, different.  Three paths to choose from will create a different way of processing cognitive connections within the human brain.  The connections within the holographic neurons in the human brain create new patterns. Education in any realm starts and ends with each individual willing with free will to choose only yes or no options.   Because, it is the only present moment in time that human minds have chosen to stifle the option of different.  Stifle is to fear.

Fear is a thought pattern that is implemented through subliminal messages of yes or no. The future generation of humanity must evolve within the time line. Present moment is the only time line.  Past and future are merely holographic memories. Holographic memories are just pictures.  Can you, will you, are you changing holographic memories in present moment, in order to create simple questions that are different?