The human brain and the human mind are 2 different energies

Stepping back in time brings us to present moment.  The human brain is merely a body part.  The western world of medicine will dissect the human brain with technology, in order to figure out how it works.  Which is what a child does in order to figure out how something works, which then satisfies curiosity.  When the brain and the mind are 2 different energies of 2 different frequencies, they are unbalanced.

To bring balance in 2 different energies is to know how the control factors work.  The control factors are merely who is in control.  When a human being thinks too much, the brain takes over the mind.  When a human being lets the mind take control of the brain, the frequencies change in time/space and mass/matter.

Time/space and mass/matter are simply in 3D 3rd dimension in the moment, in the emotion of earth’s physical realm of the human 5 senses.  3D 3rd dimension are basically the mind-set of man-made concepts.  Concepts are merely fractal moments that the human brain that has been locked away. Intellect is merely learned behavioral patterns that the sub-cultures have locked into the sub-conscious.

The sub-conscious is only 1 level in the hierarchy of the 5 levels of consciousness. Knowledge is always knowing from past lives that are locked in the mind.

The keys are the questions and the answers are the doors within the human mind. The higher state of awareness is learning how to unlock closed doors within the human mind. To unlock the doors within the human mind is the opposite of dissecting the human brain.