The Healthy Ego

To learn to love self is a hard road, however when we begin to learn who we (self) are, is when the doors in consciousness open with new awareness.

The Healthy Ego

To attain this confident state, you must evaluate yourself and understand your ego.  This requires self-observation; you must look at yourself with laser vision.  Then, when you know who you are, your development as a “human becoming’ is set in motion.

Transactional analysis transcribes Freud’s three categories of human consciousness – id, ego, and superego – into the child, the adult, and the parent.  I use three corresponding classifications to describe the personality; the basic self, the mind, and the soul.

The ego I’m discussing here is twofold.  The healthy ego combines all three parts of consciousness.  It is powerful because it is connected to your soul, which is a wiser part of you that gives you the detachment necessary to handle your emotions and express yourself in a positive way.

The other, unhealthy ego is a dysfunctional combination of id (the child) and ego.  It is the part of you that is emotionally immature and reactive, born of fear that sets up self-imposed limitations.  The unhealthy ego gives rise to ego blockage.

By Diane Eichenbaum, author of Soul Signs