Archetypes in world astrology

Once again I’m working on world astrology charts.  Part of the chart contains Archetypes of each Western astrology sign. Western astrology is the western part of the hemisphere of earth.   As we all know astrology starts within mythology, which is humans first written behavioral patterns of a belief system.  Within time each culture adopted their own religions with in a sub-culture of a culture.

Astrology charted the way for what is now called Astronomy.  However, in order to understand self in every facet of self, one must understand one’s own past in order to understand one’s present moment.  Each moment in time is created through one’s own archetype within one’s own interior landscape.

The archetype is the negative side of self if self doesn’t let the child inside come out to play.  Recognizing and understanding why one’s own archetype is part of self is the challenge of learning who self is.

Archetypes – Houses of the Natural Zodiac by Element and Keywords

1: Aries            Search for a Separate Identity

2: Taurus         Search for Value and Meaning

3: Gemini        Search for Variety

4: Cancer         Search for the Mother Goddess

5: Leo              Search for Being and Wholeness

6: Virgo           Search for Meaningful Service

7: Libra            Search for the Soul Mate

8: Scorpio        Search for The Transformation

9: Sagittarius   Search Wisdom

10: Capricorn  Search for Dharma

11: Aquarius    Search for the Holy Grail

12: Pisces        Search for the Castle of Peace

Opening the mind opens the consciousness within the eye (3rd eye/brow chakra).

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