Have you wondered about the semantics of a thought?

Have you wondered about the semantics of a thought?  Have you ever been aware of the answers  that we have received; that come to (self) us in different forms from that thought?

Aware – above the human 5 senses and in the 6th sense; in 4d 4th dimension. 4 quadrants of understanding. Seek, Find, Conquer, and Move on.

A thought turns into an emotion, that begets an emotional attachment, which creates a blockage, and opens an ailment or sickness.

When we have created a thought which creates an action, it creates a new energy.  Depending upon the state of being within core of being,  it will direct the new energy into the challenges of daily life.  However, are we aware that we have created that energy of a different direction?

The energy of SFCM is a path that we (self) have brought into manifestation through transforming (changing) the direction by transcending the transparencies of cosmic consciousness.

When we have a thought we are literally asking the universe a question.  The universe always answers.  The form of the answer may be a different answer than we wanted.

The 4 hearts in the core of being is always pure.  1 mind, 1 heart, 1 love.