Face Reading


Every day is a day of personal growth.  In the context of personal growth is two basic words – IN and OF.

IN – In the moment, IN the emotion, IN 3d 3rd dimension IN earth’s physical realm IN the human five senses.

OF – OF the moment, OF the emotion, OF [above] 3d 3rd dimension OF earth’s physical realm OF the human five senses.

We all have a choice to grow into, or within, or OF a higher nature OF the spirit realm.  We all choose which direction to grow.  Everyday we all have many choices and each choice is a path on our own destiny.  Choices are best made when they are practical and down earth.

Stepping back and being objective in one’s own choices creates sync with one’s own mind/body/emotion/spirit.  The 4 bodies of being create 1 energy, which is 1 body of being.

For me it is absolutely fascinating human behavioral patterns.  I am always researching human history.  This week I started on the book – Numerology with Tantra, Ayurveda, and Astrology.  While reading I came across the word Physiognomy.  Face Reading.

Face reading in science comes from involuntary muscle reactions within the sub-scious mind.  There are 5 levels of consciousness and the bottom level is the sub-scious mind.  The involuntary muscle reaction comes from the primordial body of being in the 1st chakra in the fight or flight mechanism – to eat or be eaten.  The 1st chakra level is the protective state of being.

The protective state of being creates a wall, which creates karma in past, present, and future life times.  The protective state is a shield.  The more shields there are creates more walls of self preservation.  Self preservation is a psychology state of mind.  It creates self separate from everything else in 3d 3rd dimension in earth’s physical realm of the human 5 senses.

I was watching Leonardo Da Vinci on Netflix last night.  His paintings depict human emotions.  As with paintings same as human emotions there are layers that stimulate from a seed.  The seed is a thought that is carried by emotional baggage when a wall or shield is let down.

Painting is merely one avenue in personal growth in one’s own destiny.  Same as choosing which emotion to have with each adventure [experience] everyday in personal growth.  The emotional body of being reflects/triggers the involuntary muscles in the human face.

Lie to Me – I thought was a great tv show I saw on Netflix years ago and the muscles in the human face that they present on the show are fascinating to me.

Learning is an ongoing process in daily life and face reading connects to the human heart, that connects to the mind.  The doors open when the mind opens and the heart is the key to opening those doors.