The auric zone vibrates at different frequency levels.

Each astrology sign makes up the micro in the macro of world astrology. Each one has its negative a positive vibration. Same as in a numerology chart per person, it is the micro in the macro of negative and positive vibrations. Then you take the 2 astrology and numerology which then creates a whole other vibration. Each new vibration then creates a color which is the auric that illuminates from the chakras.  This is only one avenue of vibrations.

Another avenue of vibrations is the archetypes, which is the negative side of self, which began in a past life brought forward in this life time of unfinished business.

The 3rd level of vibration would be the human behavioral pattern that is created in a culture that creates subcultures.  Each culture has a click.  Which are groups of age, or lifestyle, or rituals such as Christmas etc.  The behavioral patterns create vibrations of positive and negative.

Each vibration of positive and/or negative create a color.  The color is the auric zone.  The auric zone vibrates at different frequency levels.

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