Thrift shops

Thrift shops – as the saying goes, “One mans trash is another mans treasure”.

Thrift shops are a second choice to a yard sale or a garage sale.  Thrift shops have some great books.  Years ago I needed some books for research for college papers.  I found a great book at a thrift shop.  Always have a open mind when searching for books with a goal in mind.

My goal was to look for spiritual books.  I found a book, “Roots of Healing, The New Medicine“.  This book was written with the goal in mind, to interview several medical doctors.  My book marker for pages in the book is – numerology key to your color personality.

Personality is also a basis for a belief system. Understanding a belief system is understanding how to create then heal a creation that is the opposite of one’s own destiny.

A different thought pattern is created with an open mind.  Learning to have an open mind is learning how to be observant with open heart.  Open heart is learning to cast judgment aside.  Judgment – Judgment is giving one’s own power away, because self believes one’s own inadequacies are lower than others.

Why in the world would anyone judge something else only to give their own power away.  Judging is like saying, “hey my standards are low about myself”.  Now how in the world does that create self love.  We must first and foremost always love self.  To judge others is to only to judge ones own self of ones own inadequacies.

Learn to love your hates in order to receive the loves you deserve.  You are love and it is your belief system that can and will change, when you keep your power of an open mind that creates an open heart.

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