Religion is a mind set that is the same as any belief system

Religion is a mind set that is the same as any belief system. A belief system is created through a thought, that is created through an emotion, which creates an emotional attachment, that begets a blockages, which is a detachment from one’s own destiny.

Some use the word God.  Some use the word universe.  I prefer the word energy.  Energy is the same in all animate and inanimate thought patterns that created energy.  What is true in one’s own heart creates the fundamental mechanics of energy.

Energy is learning to transcend the transparencies of cosmic consciousness, and the first step in understanding the difference between knowing and intellect.

Change takes place when we choose knowing or intelligence. Spirituality knows beyond human 5 senses and Science is intelligence of the human 5 senses. By holding onto intelligence like a security blanket we keep human evolution from remembering knowing.
As long as human perception believes that science is the only way to explain life and all it in tells will stifle human evolution. Science explains intellectually about life through the human 5 senses of man-made concepts of objects. The perception of only using intellect to understand life is living in fear of the unknown. Change is the only answer to release fear. Releasing fear and to know that love is the change that everyone is looking for.

Knowing or Intelligence