Fundamental Mechanics creates optimal health

Fundamental Mechanics = Fundamental [basics] and Mechanics {how something works}.

Fundamental in mind, body, emotion, and spirit will create the mechanics of one’s own lifestyle.

Example – I work in landscaping for 22 years now.  A landscaper must know the environment in which a plant, tree, or a bush etc. will grow.  Same as the environment for humans for optimal health.  A landscaper must know the nutrition of what each species of plants, trees, or bushes etc. will grow. Same as the nutrition for humans for optimal health.  The energy that illuminates from a plant, tree or a bush, etc. is obvious if it is healthy.  You can see from the external part of a plant if it is a healthy plant from what is going on internally.  Same as a human will illuminate from internal to external.

A belief system will create energy of optimal health, from internal to external, when a person discovers the fundamental mechanics of optimal health.  Fundamental mechanics begins from root cause that travels through the holographic world of energy.  The root creates cause and effect – universal law.

A plant, tree, and a bush, etc. creates energy that humans need.  The goal is understanding why.   Same as the goal for humans, is to understand the root that created the fundamental mechanics and how to create optimal health in mind, body, emotion, and spirit.