The Universe Is Calling You

From – The Universe Is Calling You,

It traveled through outer space as if nothing had ever happened.  More and more time passed.  There were many, many planets for it to choose from.  However, most of the planets gave off very negative energies.  So it kept on moving through time and space.  From a very far distant a very small shiny object appeared out of nowhere.  The closer the soul traveled towards the shiny object it was getting bigger.  It was growing at a very slow pace because, it was so far away.  With time the small shiny object started to take shape.  The shape was forming on top.  The top started expanding and forming into a different shape than previous.  The shape was brighter and bigger the closer the soul came to it.  The top of the shape grew and grew and started shaping into the form of a head and shoulders.  The soul was in total awe, watching this shape take form.  The shape kept forming and taking shape.  The soul kept moving closer and closer to the shape.  The shape started getting bigger and bigger forming at the bottom.  The bottom was expanding out, while the middle was staying small.  Slowly definition and layers started appearing.  At the top, a face started appearing.  Shoulders were forming.  Behind the shoulders that were taking place, something else was forming.  As the face was taking shape, pair of eyes was forming.  The eyes were in the color of crystal clear blue.  So when you looked into them, it seems as if you could see straight into the soul.