5N1 – (1st book) The Universe is Calling You

The Universe is Calling You

The Universe Is Calling You

The Universe Is Calling You

The soul starts at a very distant place that is full of light and love.  Then it leaves its happy home to venture out into the unknown.  This way it can find other souls to unite with.  As the soul travels through time and space it lands on a planet in the first dimension, that contains the archetypes of Reformer, Critic, Perfectionist (deadly sin – Anger).  The soul is floating around the planet as it discovers there are no humans.  There is only a vast land that has much green grassy hills with beautiful assorted flowers growing everywhere.  The flowers give off the aroma that is the most pleasant smell.  The soul thought I never had this at home but, enjoyed the fragrance of the assorted aromas of smelling flowers. The flowers were very vibrating in color, which made the soul feel warm inside and smile internally.  Then it thought to itself, this would be a wonderful place to stay, if only there were humans here.  Then the soul thought I will just have to keep looking for a place that has humans.

Then it set out to leave this planet that had the most aromas of pleasant flower smell with rolling hills of grass.  Once again it started traveling thru time and space.  The soul traveled to the next galaxy.  It saw another planet that is the 2nd dimension with many colors radiating, that contains the archetypes of Individualist, Artist, Romantic (deadly sin – Envy); the Supporter, Giver, Helper, Independent/Dependent (deadly sin – Pride); the Mediator, Peacemaker, Seeker (deadly sin – Sloth).   The planet was growing bigger as the soul was coming closer. The vibration of the beautiful spectrum of an array of breath taking colors was a peaceful feeling.  The soul thought there are no colors like that at home.  The planet looks very warm and fun; the soul thought and wanted to observe closer. While it was observing the vibration as far distant as it could see.  There were rolling hills of green grass with a lot of aromas of flowers. Beautiful blue skies with floating white clouds covered the planet.  There were no humans the soul saw.  So I must continue on my journey searching for humans.  The soul started traveling up, up and away from the planet into outer space.

Much time passed while in space.  Many shapes were floating in space.  These shapes had many different colors, sizes, and some made noise.  Some shapes changed shape into different forms.  Some moved around very fast and some of them moved very slowly.  Some shapes had blinking lights.  But, one thing was for sure no two shapes were exactly the same.  These forms were passing on each side of the soul.  They were also out as far as the eye could see, for miles and miles.  They were all around the soul.  The more the soul kept moving forward, it appeared as if more and more shapes were appearing.  It felt like the soul was going through some sort of tunnel.  The objects keep getting closer and closer.  The faster the soul traveled the closer the objects were closing in.  The soul was a new soul to this galaxy.  It had never been in a body before and was never reincarnated.   Each experience was brand new to this soul.  It had no conception of anything that came from the human condition, nor had it had any ideal of galaxies, etc.

Meanwhile, the soul knew there was a mission that it was on but, had no clue what it could be, while so far experiencing two planets and a conglomerate of forms.  As the forms were closing in, closer and closer the soul took quick action.  It sped up and barely managed to squeeze out of the end of the tunnel shaped forms.  The soul slowed down its speed after a few minutes of leaving all that behind.  Then it turned around.  It was a good thing the soul got away in the nick of time.  Because, just then all the shapes collided and smashed into each other, the next second there was a big explosion.  The soul’s energy expanded and got bigger and bigger until it was bigger than the explosion itself.  The soul reacted to the explosion.  The energy from the soul was bigger than the largest planet in the galaxy.  The explosion started disintegrating slowly into the nothingness.  The energies from all humans from galaxy far and wide were the shapes that the soul encountered.  The forms were negative energies, which all humans expelled from the beginning of human existence.  Slowly the soul’s entity energy force started releasing to a smaller status.  As the entities swelling started disengaging into the original size it was, it released bits of particles.   The entity once again went back to its original size.