Category Universal Law

Category Universal Law

It is time to do a little housekeeping.  I get extremely busy from time to time.  Then when I’m looking for something I just keep looking, which means it is time to clean.  Sometimes you just have to stop and organize.  Everything is simplification and moderation to keep balance.

I got carried away and way too many categories on this site.  When updating categories it is best to contain prime numbers or sacred numbers.  Such as – when investing in stocks no more than 7 stocks at one time.  Learned that in a stock investing class before.  Sacred numbers 11 and 22.  In numerology you never break down the numbers 11 or 22 because, they are sacred numbers (years of research).

Universal Law – contains coded messages that the soul carries though out each life time for the 4 bodies of being. Each life time contains unfinished self-love lessons of baggage (karmic debt) that is carried through out each life time. Each life time is new lessons for self to create karmic debt or karmic credit. Karmic debt or karmic credit is what self has created through self-love for self. After completion of the 12 levels of self-love the soul has passed all lessons and is free to move on to the next dimension.


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