“When I retire I will do this and that”. Basically I think, “Why wait”?

Super fun completing a project and life is great when finished before the deadline.  Everything in life in 3D 3rd dimension has a time limit.  I set goals for myself and ampule amount of time to complete the goals.  I’m truely amazed when I always hear people say, “When I retire I will do this and that”.  Basically I think, “Why wait”?

I love making and creating crafts.  Crafts are a labor of love.  When we create for money the love will burn out and only a product to show.  But, when we create with love and for love the passion grows.  We grow and evolve as a human being when we are patient to let things grow and blossom into the creation we have created.

For the children’s book series – goal was to complete 2 paintings and 2 songs per week and I should be finished in 3 years.  Basically over 60 characters plus a few scenes painted.  The paintings are the illustrations for the books.  All sketched and painted by hand are now available on:



The fractal animals [17 characters], fractal families good [20 characters], and fractal families bad [20 characters] are all elements.  Elements – Earth, Water, Fire.  Now Air in is in western astrology is the same as Chinese astrology – Metal/Mental.  The basic elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Metal/Mental/Air.  However, in western astrology we have 4 elements in Chinese astrology the 5th element is Wood.  Which means Chinese astrology has 5 elements.  In western astrology [example Gemini] basically 12 astrology signs for 12 months, 1 for each month of a 12 month calendar year.  Chinese astrology 1 sign per every year for 12 years.

I love world history when we jump back in time to world mythology.  Everything that happened in mythology is one moment in time in human history.  If you start charting the moments on a number line you will begin to see a mathematical equation.  Each moment on the number line is a basic system that is a root system of the universal law of cause and effect.

The more you do this the more you will begin to understand the love or the passion from root to blossom.  It is the fundamental mechanics of transcending the transparencies of cosmic consciousness.  The level of frequencies are the levels of passion.  Passion is negative and passion is positive in 3D 3rd dimension.  Passions can go either way or they can stay neutral. Neutral is the in between the between, it is the space.  The passion is the energy that you {self} direct where you {self} what that energy to go.

For me the energy is alive.  I see the energy when an aura is projected.  The aura illuminates 3 feet out from a person, place, or thing.  The aura is calculated through colors and numbers.  The frequencies are the levels of Mhz and Bpm.  Same as like looking at a heart monitor.  Basically for me I see the levels, but not with human eyes.  I see with the 3rd eye chakra.  To me the funny part is I have always seen this as natural.  But, I didn’t discover the meanings till I was in my 40″s.

Living life to the fullest is the total opposite of, “Waiting till I retire”.  Crafts like music and painting are just part of the course of life for me.  Since the paintings are finished it is time to make a crocheted area rug for my grand kids.  The rug is rainbow color and it spans about 15 feet in diameter.  It is really cool that the backing comes in liquid and you just paint it on, so no slipping.

My mom is sending the grand kids the book I wrote, FRACKMICOLOGY 5N1 for Christmas and they will have a nice rug to read it on.