Another day in Paradise – as they say :-)

Another day in Paradise – as they say 🙂  My computer died about 6 weeks ago.  Of course we all get mad when we lose things, but that is the road of tough love.

When my computer died I lost years of work and research.  Doing a backup was one of those, get around to it some day, no time!  Now after time, energy, and money spent lucky me, I now have 6 tb of memory and other things that run the computer.  I learned you must have an external hard drive plus the hard drive that is in the computer.

I had XP on my computer, it was good enough for what I needed.  A friend told me that I could down load windows 10 for free.  OH MY GOODNESS!! Windows 10 was the beginning of a nightmare, hahaha!!  I could not open my music, or videos, or many other things.  Windows 10 is not user friendly.  Everything after Windows XP is crap!!!

Technology keeps marching on.  I talked with others that have a mac.  Seems as though they have less viruses etc.  You know that lovely job we all must do with re-downloading all the programs and apps on a computer takes much valuable time.  I will be re-downloading for the next several weeks.

Tough love is when you say no and the universe says – you only get so many chances and I will change it for you.  But, hey that is with everything in life.  Quote – if you love something set it free, if it comes back to you it’s yours, if not it never was.  That’s life and each day is a challenge in personal growth and to be a better person than I was the day before.  New day, new way, new adventure.