Universal Law – Cause and Effect [Creating Debts and Credits]

Universal Law – Cause and Effect [Creating Debts and Credits]

The human race really baffles my mind sometimes.  I just shake my head in a back and forth fashion and think to myself, ‘They know not what they do, because karma is a BIT**, and she will slap them in the face for what they have created for themselves’.

Introvert – What the world has done to me [what I have done to myself].  Extrovert – What I have done to the world [what I have done to myself].

A parent teaches love to a child what they have learned [conditional love].  A child receives love what they have learned [conditional love].  Every single experience/adventure is a lesson to learn in the love wave.  The love wave is the emotional body having an adventure.  Choice is then learning to ask – What am I to learn from this adventure?  You answering that question is conditional love from emotions [emotional body]. You letting the universe answer that question will come in the sign of symbols.  Symbols such as a butterfly – means let it go, etc.   To hold on to an emotion is the same thing as karmic baggage of karmic debt.

Tough love is receiving the same lesson over and over again until self learns why the lesson keeps happening.  It takes 2 weeks for change to happen.  2 weeks a person’s mind will resist change.  To change anything in life is to first change self in learning how to ask the correct questions.

Change is extremely hard for many.  Just remember everything in life comes in baby steps.

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