Prioritize and organize time management

To me to do anything in life just for the sake of doing it, is the ultimate boring to me.

To make music is fun, because it is for the scenes in the book.  Just like when you watch a movie you hear music during some scenes.

It is the same with everything in life.  When you put your heart into whatever you are doing it brings a different type of atmosphere.  If I sit say at the doctor’s or dentist’s office, flipping through magazines is boring.  I always carry a sketchbook and sometimes colored pencils.  Or I might bring my knitting or crocheting so that I utilize my time wisely.

By the end of the year I might have a blanket to give to a grandson or granddaughter for christmas.  You would be surprised at how much painting I can get done while waiting at the auto mechanics or at lunch time at work.

Prioritize and organize time management – I always want a product to show for my time.  Time wasted in life will sneak upon you and 20 years later, you ask where did the time go and nothing to show for it.