“Definitions through secular teachings that are governed by man made concepts are to define perception with psychology, philosophy, epistemology, and many others branches of science.  When we take a look at the theories of perception, we see that perception is based upon perception of a person’s views by deciphering how that person influences the world or how the world has influenced that person.   Perceiving influence of perception can either be from a person that is pessimistic/introverted (fear) or optimistic/extroverted (love).

With the influence of science the establishment of the American Medical Association (AMA) in May 7th, 1847 by Dr. Nathan Smith Davis, at only age 30 he founded the principles of the AMA.   When the medical community was established the perception of doctors was to understand the human body.  They dissected, ran test, wrote reports of findings of their experiments.  The establishment began as a basic chop shop for the human body to understand sickness and how to cure it.  In order to do that they only used their 5 senses to understand the mechanics of a human.  They only see the human body as body parts by labeling each body part.”


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