Enough with the whiners – grow up

I find it extremely interesting on the boring side of course, when people claim that life is hard.  Life is easy if you let and hard if you make it.

I have been working since I was in 5th grade.  Along the way through adulthood I managed to raise 2 children, while married & collect many college degrees and certifications.  All while working full time with a thyroid disease.  Working full-time over 20 years of landscaping.  Having a disease only makes you stronger.

Nothing like sitting in the emergency room drinking radioactive iodine, while your thyroid is controlling your life totally disintegrates in front of you.  That was 16 years ago and really who has time to sit around and cry about life.  It is called growing up.

Fact is working in landscaping you learn how to deal with all types of people.  My saying has been – anyone that bitches, whines, moans or complains more than a little girl – is a panzy.  There are way too many pansies in the world, it gets old and redundantly boring.  Since I am the only female of 500 tradesmen in my job, I say – check your hormones at the door, because there is only one female here and that is me.