Finding the hilarity in everything and laughter is the best medicine

Finding the hilarity in everything and laughter is the best medicine

I find that the culprit of stress is death.  For some crazy reason America is finding it’s way to it’s own death.  Too many people I know personally fall asleep with an oxygen mask because, they stop breathing when they are sleeping.

A few months ago, a co-worker had to take leave from work.  When I saw him the other day, I said, “took a vacation and didn’t tell anybody”.  He smiled, and said “yep everybody knows I had a heartattack”.

If someone is sick in the hospital, misery does not like company!!  I would bring some smiles and balloons to brighten their day.

Everyday I find the funny in all the negative in life and then it is hilarious.  You have to dig deep. Bring smiles to hearts in need.