How are we feeling today?

How are we feeling today?

I find it interesting, that when you go to the doctor – typically the doctor will say, “How are we feeling today?”

First response from patient – either negative or positive – is typically mindless instead of mindful.  Mindless – thought patterns come from sub-conscious.  Mindful – thought patterns come from awareness.  Awareness – internal behavioral patterns.

Doctor’s bed side manners are taught through intellect – learned behavioral pattern.  You can find some info on this –

Roots of Healing – The New Medicine, by Andrew Weil, M.D. & other contributors.

It is the mindset of the physician while treating patients that will pretty much determine the healing process of the patient.

Key factors in frequencies create the healing process.

Example – Let’s say you listen to classical music while writing a speech on any subject matter around the world, take note of how you are feeling, what you are feeling, and at what point you are feeling what you feel.  Then write the same speech while listening to acid rock.   Then write the speech while listening to ambient, etc. etc.

It is the binary beats of the music that will set the tone of how your speech will be written.  Changing frequencies is same as changing stations (different music), same as environment (internal).

When a person is in a rut (behavioral pattern of thoughts), change frequencies to create new patterns of thought.

Many do not want to change (acceptance) and so the healing process will play its part into the negative end zone (death).

These are facts – the heart has a mind of its own.  It is wise to listen to one’s own heart and understand the message that one receives from one’s own self.

Be good to yourself, learn to love yourself, and the world will love you.