Filtered Particles are combustibles

Filtered Particles are combustibles –

Filtered Particles are the same as when a star burst, or when a tree falls, or when a wool sweater becomes filled with too much.

Too much or too little becomes unbalanced.  Energy is constantly flowing.  Energy fills up with filtered particles which becomes too heavy and off sets balance.  Energy must be balanced.

The only thing constant in life is change.  The change is to bring back balance.  Filtered Particles are the opposite of balance.

The keys are the questions.  The doors are the answers.  The doors are in the mind of cosmic consciousness.  Learned behavioral patterns are intellect.  Knowledge is brought forth from previous life times.

Modern science is a baby science that wants to learn knowledge, but chooses to live in intellect.

The day that science discovers the past life gene is when science has finally stepped into the adult world of knowledge and progress can begin.

Filtered Particles are energy in 3D 3rd dimension.  3D 3rd dimension is time/space and mass/matter.  4D 4th dimensions is the stepping stone into cosmic consciousness.

The mind holds all the knowledge.  The questions are the keys.  The answers are the doors.