Humanity depends upon progress

Humanity depends upon progress.  Progress to some is a higher state of awareness, to others it is technology (man-made concepts).

Technology is advancing more than most humans can wrap their brains around.

I have heard about the microchip in humans for a few years now.  Soon to be world wide in every human. In the government world humans are just numbers.  Be aware and pay attention what is happening to the landscape inside and outside of self.

With progress comes evolutions.  Understanding the wave of energy that is dependant upon the structure within a biological climate can come rejection.  Same as when a person has any type of transplant.  Such as, kidney transplants or any type of prosthetics the body may reject what is not natural.

Many years ago before the mention of microchipping humans, I told my mother.  The government will invent a flying bug.  The bug will look like a mosquito, but it will be a machine that is controlled by someone, like a remote control car.  The bug will be so small, you will not see it, but you will feel a tiny sting.  The chip will then be implanted in your skin so that you will be tracked.

The government tells us it is for health reasons.  There is also now you can get blood test to find out who your lineage is linked to. It is not natural these technologies that humans are coming up with.  It defines nature.

Remember any human culture throughout human history – the universe will always be in charge.

The universe will say enough is enough and if humans keep acting like children, trying to take control, their world will change in the blink of eye.  & then life becomes grand – with tornados, hurricanes and the list goes on and on.

Too many children running around in adult bodies.  No one has the right to decide how other people should live their life’s.

We were all born equal, no one is better or worse than anyone else.  A life is a life is a life.  By the way, I don’t follow all the crap of 666 – the beast – that is straight up brainwashing!!  The biggest controler of the mind – religion.  I do not follow the masses – I follow my heart always.  I just bring awareness, that is all.