Status update

Just a status update.  In case some where not aware, my post first were about beyond spirituality, and then spirituality.  As with most things in life, people can talk about something to death and then it falls upon deaf ears.  Which is when people learn to take things for granted.

Living in the same path and same way of thinking in one’s own life, one then receives same results.  Things do not change in a person’s life until they themselves change thought patterns and things begin to change.

People have told me all my life, “you are always into something”.  They say that because I am constantly creating.  Creating to me is like water and air, have to have it!!!

Since March 2014 it is now all about art, music, and literature.  I incorporate spirituality into those 3 items and give it a new life form.  It will take about 3 years to paint all the characters for the book series since there are over 60 characters.  I listen to music constantly and learning the bpms combined with Mhz and frequencies.

Anyone can go to school to learn, but life is the biggest teacher of all.

Perfecting a skill is the 3 P’s process.  That is with any trade around the world.  To be the best you can be and grow in personal growth daily is one of the keys to happiness.