It takes time to discover self

It takes time to discover self

When I was younger my mother was a fanatic about colors.  No matter what you were wearing all the tones had to be the same color.  Everything had to match. Shoes, jewelry, shirt, hat, pants, everything had to be the same tones.  We lived in a house once where you walked into the kitchen and the walls, appliances, floors, door, and everything in that kitchen was a bright orange.  Talk about blinding.  She is into earth tones.

Earth tones are deep colors.  The living room same, but brown.  Brown walls, furniture, appliances, ceiling, and even the floor.

It use to drive her crazy, because all I see is rainbow.  To me the more color the better.  So I would wear a purple top, jeans, red hat, different colors of jewelry, different colored sandals with white socks 🙂  She would shake her head back and forth.  To be focused on one particle of life is like the living dead.

I started abstract painting in 2014 and she can now see all colors go together.  It is not the hues it is the tones in the colors that make them flow together in synchronicity.

The tones in color is exactly the same as the tones in music.  It is the vibrations which produce colors in numbers, objects, and everything that is tangible in 3D 3rd dimension.  Science now has a word for what I already knew from the day I was born.  Easy pezy – piece of cake.

The technical term Synesthesia. History – color hearing dates back to Greek antiquity.