Regenerating the Batteries

Regenerating the Batteries –

Regenerating the batteries is basically stepping out of the familiar.  When My kids were growing up I use to play music from different backgrounds and yep even classical.  My daughter has a photographic memory, but for music.  I could ask her any song who the singer was.  Mom (me) is not so good with that kind of memory.  My daughter could tell me the name of the album, who sang it, and what year it was made.

I find it is extremely important to always listen to different kinds of music.  It helps to tweak tones from a different kind of understanding.  Basically when I make music I combined bpm’s with MhZ and a new flavor of tones come alive.

While listening to beats it is time to bake today.  Baking chocolate chip cookies, brownies, blue berry muffins, and yellow cake (no icing).  Just about finished painting Prama – wife of Lakey – Fractal Family Good.

To hang out in the same old same old is like the living dead.  Just sayn 🙂