Fractal family #2 – Father (fire element) Lakey

Fractal family #2 – Father (fire element) Lakey

To justify understanding, one must label object as male or female.  In order to categorize the beginning of separate of self from object.

For example – I am painting father element fire.  Family of fire mom, dad, son, and daughter.

Fire contains many colors, which means it contains many elements of vibrational fluctuations of tones.

Point – a planet that spurts out fire in the galaxy, can it be considered male or female? Technically it is neither.  Humans tend to justify objects by male or female in order to understand a behavioral pattern.

Fractal family #2 – Father (fire element) Lakey – contains many colors, but predominantly deeper hues.

Chinese Feng Shui – Fire element – fire generates ash also, expansion and transformation.  Bright colors, red, orange, triangles, pyramids, diamonds, sunbursts, etc.