Why judge a book by its cover?

Why judge a book by its cover?

As I age I find it to be very idiotic to judge others.  Way too much emphasis is placed upon looks and I find that is an extremely boring topic.  What they look like on the outside has absolutely nothing to do with what they look like on the inside.

As we all know someone can be handsome or pretty on the outside and have an ugly personality or vice versa.

I really do hate being judged like a piece of meat.  If I look good it is for me and no one else.  I was in a modeling contest in my 30’s and I received 3rd place out of 200 women.  At that point I decided to give up modeling, because I find it is a very superficial occupation.  I did learn a lot and that was the only benefit I received.

To this day there are many beauty routines that are pretty much an everyday thing for me.   For example – Wash your face in warm water it opens the pores and never use soap.

  • After you rinse your face off with warm water, then rinse with cold water, it closes the pores.

  • Exfoliate your face 1 x a week.  I work landscaping so I have to everyday.

  • 1 time a week steam face.  Let the pot of water come to a rapid boil and put some herbs in the water.  When it has started boiling remove pot from stove and sit on table and be careful it is hot.  I use a plate rack (small wire disc that comes with rice cooker), underneath the hot pan of water.  Drape a towel over your head and wrap it around the hot-pot of water.  Take the edge of the towel and fan it up and down, to get a small breeze flowing from the herbal water to your face.  After 15 minutes wash your face with a cleanser not soap, then apply mud pack or facial peel.

  • 1 time a week, use a mud pack or facial peel.

This routine you will do for yourself and you only for you.  This is part of taking care of your-self.  This is part of self love.

I know I have wrinkles and I believe I deserved them.  I enjoy being my age and I believe I am aging gracefully.  I have worked hard for everything I have and even my wrinkles, I am proud of them.

I would much rather have conversations with a woman than have wrinkles, then a young person that has not experienced life yet.