Time Value


What is the time value of life?  And, what is the time value of death?

Two simple enough questions, that falls in the line of philosophy, but does it?

3D 3rd dimension is time/space and mass/matter in man-made concepts.  The questions correlate with morals, values, and ethics in man-made concepts.
However, human brains only process in 3D that is until they are evolved into 4D 4th dimensions.  In higher dimensions a new set of rules apply.  When a person transgresses in transformation within a hierarchy of vibrational tones, a new person is rebirthed into a new set of rules.

The lower end of morals, values, and ethics in man-made concepts is a driving force on the time line frequency.  The middle end of same set of rules helps to transport within the velocity of fluxuation.  The frequency of fluxuation helps to determine which set of rules in what dimension a person stays or goes into next dimension.

The higher end of set of rules only applies to those that have learned the conglomerate of set rules; in which they apply from the two lower sets of rules.
For each true prophet knows these set of rules, which govern all species in the Holographical Umbilical Cord.

To live in only one world in one’s own mind sets limitations.  An open mind understands the time value in set of rules that apply in life and death.