If you’re a pre-teen or a teen and want an epic adventure today, only one place can take you there.
Would you like to visit the year 3050?

You can in a fantastic journey in a book called 5N1.  5 fractal animal guides to 1 girl.  Think of the movie, Honey I shrunk the kids and no one can see the fractal animals, but the girl. Think of the movie, Homeward bound, the epic adventures of Shawanaisha’s past, present, and future life times.  Lastly think of the movie, Pinocchio, she is like Pinocchio and the fractal 5 are her guides like Jiminy Cricket.
You can find the epic adventure by eBook –

The Universe Is Calling You 

5N1 First Flight

5N1 1st Adventure Pre-release—available May 9, 2015

Shawanaisha’s First Flight Pre-release—available June 6, 2015

or paperback book –
Frackmicology 5N1