Animal totem in a dream – horse

Animal totem in a dream – horse

It’s funny strange and funny haha when we dream.  Dreams are what majik is made of.

Scary movies have never scared me, to others they get scared.  I know tons of people that will not watch scary movies, but it really doesn’t bother me at all.  I think scary movies are really cool, as long as I don’t get bored.

Dreams are the same as scary movies if you find in your daily waking life you get scared a lot or are afraid a lot, well that is living in the land of fear.  That interpretation comes out in your dreams.

I don’t have scary dreams.  I just took a cat nap.  Cat naps are like 10 minutes.  Then you get your second wind so to speak.  I had a dream in those 10 minutes, pretty normal stuff actually.  I dreamed of a brown horse with white legs laying in a meadow.  The horse was laying peacefully with it’s legs tucked close to itself and it’s head was looking towards me.

The grass was green, but it was flickering with glowing blue lights.  It was a really pretty meadow.  I looked up dreams – horses and this is what I found.

For 15 minutes before I fell asleep I was thinking of 4 powers – air, earth, fire, water, plus a few other things.  In my dream the symbol came out as a horse.