Love or Fear – published today.

Love or Fear – published today.

I’m totally old skool in a modern world!

I use a desktop and really find that computer games are a different lifestyle of creating, that live in the instant gratification lifestyle.  To me would be like – what games do the Yanomami play with no computers?  Or pick any tribe around the world that does not have a computer and they will show you games the way life is actually meant to be lived.

To me computers are for research, education, and such.  Such as –

The connection is through different awareness.  In language, termed linguistics – starts with folklore, than mythology, then religion, and then science.  The progress that stimulated linguistics comes from a writing system of symbols.

A person would then collect data to formulate a particular system.  Pictures stay the same the linguistics gives meaning to a picture.  Back in the day a writing system would contain way too many pictures and which then began letters to replace pictures.

Face value of anything is the superficial level of understanding.  To me everything is – “What is the point and what is the purpose”.  To find these answers to find the root whence it came.  To find the root is to find the heart of the matter.

For my masters theses I had to read 10 books and write a 5000 word report.  When college is over most papers would collect dust.  But I find that, the more I help myself, the more I can help others, which in turn helps humanity.

I published that paper into a book called, Love or Fear.