Apple seeds from germinating.

Apple seeds from germinating.

In most cases most types of planting gardens are done in spring.  However, in the desert any fruit bearing tree needs to be planted in September or October.  It is not the air that makes things grow, it is the warmth inside the dirt.

When planting always think of root span as opposed to the branch span.  As wide as a tree is on top of the ground is how wide the root span is under the ground.  Make sure not to cramp the plants in too close, they do grow!!  Typically a tree needs to be planted 5 feet apart from other trees.

It basically takes 5 years for a tree to produce fruit.  Always cover the tops of the trees during frost season with burlap.  Burlap has holes, plastic does not.  The leaves need to breath.

Also make sure that your dirt is not crappy dirt.  Crappy dirt is either too hard, too soft, full of clay, silt or sand.  Pick up the purple bag at home depot.  The purple bag I don’t remember the name, I just remember the color on the bag.  It is a soil conditioner.  It will put the minerals back into the crappy dirt.

Make sure before you plant you need 3 ingredients. 1) the basic dirt, 2) soil conditioner, and 3) Fertilizer.  Get the specific fertilizer for trees.  The fertilizer even comes in organic fertilizer.  Make sure you till all 3 ingredients together, then dig your hole.  Make sure you break up the root ball or you have a chance of root rot.  Then you can color the tree gone!!. Then put the root ball in the ground and cover it with dirt.  You have the option of a tree ring.  Tree rings keep the water inside the ring instead of flowing all over the ground.

Every customer that came into home depot over the years I would always recommend particular products to ensure the health of the plant.  What is the point of paying for something when you expect it to die, go figure!!

I was looking up apple seeds today and came across this article.