World astrology chart in the making.

I started a few years back making a 200 year world astrology chart.  The chart contains many things of value.  The world astrology chart will contain – astrology (old skool astronomy), numerology (world numerology), color chart from color scheme of color spectrum that correlates to the number value, plus many more things.  Little by little plugging in the info for the chart and I am the guinea pig for the project.  It would be the same exact thing as a scientist would experiment on their own self before anyone else.  It is the intention to help others.  That is basically what all charts in astrology do.

Just a partial list of world astrology I have been researching over the years.  In one of my past life reports, it basically said I am reincarnated in this life time as mother and father.  Past life reports are cool.  It is based upon the longitude and latitude and time of birth, which then gives you different types of charts.

I got my first natal chart in my early 20’s.  Then I got my first numerology chart in my 30’s.  Then I got my past life reports in my 40’s.

A natal chart can be based upon the western astrology – the sun, or an eastern astrology – the moon.  But world astrology is my fav!!  In world astrology you get animal totems.  Anthropology is one of my flavors of topic.  It was really cool when I saw stuffed animals in the Cairo museum in Egypt.  Back in those days animals were sacred and treated with much more respect than in the western world of today.

In western astrology each element is divided in 3.

Astrology in many languages –

My birthday 06/06/1963 Astrology –

Western / Gemini / Element – Air – They go by sun sign.

Chinese / Rabbit / Element – water

Mayan / Lizard / Direction – South

Native American / Deer people / Direction – South East Winds

Celtic / Hawthorn Tree (UATH) / Symbol – The Chalice

“Astrological synthesis of vulcan and the hawthorn tree.  The mythology relating to the hawthorn tree has both sacred and unlucky associations.  The sacred nature of the tree is perhaps most well-known in the legend of the “Glastonbury Thorn,” said to have been propagated originally from the crown of thorns worn by Christ.  Alternatively, it was believed to have grown from the staff planted in the ground at Glastonbury by Joseph of Arimathea, who had travelled to Glastonbury from Jerusalem to found the first Christian church in England.  In Celtic Ireland the destruction of the hawthorn was believed to incur the greatest peril to the person or persons responsible by causing the death of their cattle and children, and the loss of all their money.  These unlucky associations appear to have been encouraged and originally perpetrated by the Christian monks as a means of discouraging the ancient pagan rites associated with the cutting of the hawthorn.  The orgiastic use of the hawthorn was part of the Beltane celebrations when the Druids encouraged people to perpetuate the fertility of summer.  People born during the last two weeks of the lunar month – their positive traits are linked to a wider vision that opens the locked doors of the mind”.  The Handbook of Celtic Astrology, The 13-sign Lunar Zodiac of the Ancient Druids, by Helena Paterson.

Australian / Pygmy sugar glider / Break through

Vedic / Sanskrit / Mithuna / couple – In Vedic astrology they go by moon sign.

African / The Ancestor / Element – water

The countries


  • DENMARK – 6/5
  • SWEDEN – 6/6
  • HUNGARY – 6/8
  • ICELAND – 6/17