Count down days till end of music contest.

Count down days till end of music contest.

I have said for many years – you never know what or whom you might find everyday 🙂

Everyday is an adventure!  It’s super cool when life just keeps happening right before your very eyes.  Working with and in mother nature, I constantly see butterflies, all kinds of bird species, grasshoppers, hummingbirds, you name it and if it lives in the desert I see it 🙂

One time it was early in the am a couple of months ago and I let my dog out to take care of his business.  It was an early saturday morning.  I was standing outside watching the sun rise and drinking my flavored java.  I heard the birds chirpn.  So I started whistling and in less than a minute a bird flew over and sat on top of the ocotillo cactus that sits behind my house.  As I am whistling for like 15 minutes I had 8 birds around me on the roof tops or the trees close by.  When I would stop to take a breath, some of the birds started to chirp the tune I was whistling.

The only song I know by heart is a marching band song, hahaha!!  Of course unless it is xmas time than other tunes stick out in my head.  That happens – when you have to be in choir in elementary school.  Those songs stick with you for life 🙂

Music has always been a really huge part of my life.  I got rid of my tv like over 6 years ago, and it seems to me, there is just never enough music in life.

I submitted one song to the music contest a few days ago.  To my surprise I received an email from a person that works in the contest today.  The message went like this – “I am personally sending you a message to let you know you might want to enter that song in a different category”.  Basically he was saying I had better chances in the category, screen shot.  Never heard of that one in my life, but the music business is very new to me.  I just started Jan 2015.  Some of the judges are, Run DMC, Cool & the gang, the Killers, and many more.

So if my music wins I will just add it to the list of accomplishments, then I can say I did it.  I just wana try almost everything once, it makes life fun!!  The contest ends the end of this month.  I made a statistical chart from various sites to see which songs were liked the most and what ages like them.  You have to do that with a business plan, so it is pretty normal stuff.  I choose 3 songs of 48 possible. I entered 2 songs and I will enter the 3rd one on the 30th.

04/30/2015 = 6 in numerology.  My destiny # is a 6, my birthday is 6/6/63, my work truck is # 6686, and many other things for me falls in the line of the #6.

Feng Shui – 3 male yang conflict, 6 female yin love, 9 is neutral.