Too many projects and never enough time!

Too many projects and never enough time!

As with most things in life goal setting is a high priority, always was and always will be.  It’s a habit I picked up in my 20’s.  You have to be organized while raising 2 kids, while in college, married, and working full-time.  Otherwise time just slips away and 20 years later you wake up.  Then you say to yourself, “where did the time go”?

I knew when I was 20 years old where I was going to be when I was 60 years old.  It is all about the planning.  I knew I wanted a government job, so I got one.  I knew I wanted a PhD., so I got one.  And the list goes on.  I always say, “When I’m sitting in my rocking chair when I’m 90 years old, I can say I did this or that; instead of I wished I had done this or that”.  Wishing only floats around in your brain and can make you crazy, cause it is only wishful thinking.  Wishing for something to happen, can only happen when you take action.

I told my friend a couple of years back that, “I want to work on cruise ships teaching Metaphysical workshops when I retire”.  She said, “Why wait, you can start now”.  But I know I need 4 books under my belt first.  1) Metaphysical books, 2) Children’s books, 3) Singing cookbooks (no I won’t be singing), and 4) It is a surprise.

The singing cook book is basically for elderly people.  For people like my mom, that has Alzheimer’s,  it is the jingle of something that helps them to remember things.  Just like a child learning their abc’s.

Right now I’m working on the music for the children’s books and soon will be starting on the singing cook book.  Simple stuff, like what herbs for health go with what vegan foods.  So you basically eat for health that taste great.  For me it is about health first and taste second.

Starting on more meditation this week and reading a book called, The Third Eye.  Picked it up at the Good Will couple of years back and finally getting around to reading it.

It will take a while to get through the book, but so far so good.