Change through Reflection

Change through reflection

Change is but change within a change.  To change anything is to change core of being in a different direction or a different path.

When self changes the world changes – inside and outside of self, because perception has changed.

Reflection – is to reflect where one has been (past), where one is (present), and where one wants to be (future).  It’s a 3 n 1 combo 🙂  It is all of self on different levels of self.

Reflection is a daily must!  The time you choose is your choice and only you can choose. Reflection changes dreams.  The dream world is a waking world that reflects the waking part of life.  We constantly live in 2 worlds – dream state of being and waking (real as some would call it) state of being.

Reflection comes in the quite mind – still mind in moments.

I listen to music and reflect.  For example:

“From the infinite source, I want to find an effective method for me to set significant goals to program my higher mind that allows me to remain focused to ensure success, with harm to no one”.