List of Psychic Abilities

For many years now, one of my favorite sites is –

On this site you get the A-Z index of meanings.  It would be the same as if you were to look up something in a dream dictionary.

I learned how to see my own aura from the site

It took a whole 2 minutes or less.  After that a few days later I could see the aura of objects in my house.  Then I could see the aura of trees and such outside of my house.  With practice you can see the different layers of the auric colors that illuminate around an object.  I have only been able to see the first 3 levels.

I have taken some time off from practicing and pursued writing, music, and art.  Time has come for change.  It is time for practicing once again.  It will be super cool when I can see more than 3 layers of auric colors of any object.

The first time you see your own aura it is the most fantastic thing you will ever see in your life.  With practice my skills in PSI is advancing daily.  On the list to do, after I retire is to attend the PSI classes in Tucson AZ.

I’m slowing easing back into PSI.  Never rush anything in life or it will get messed up.  PSI is more advanced than ESP.