Tones + Hues = Spectrum

Tones + Hues = Spectrum

A spectrum is the infinity of any subject matter.  The spectrum is calculated with the highs and lows of a subject matter.

The tones and hues on a spectrum correlates to mathematical concepts of a number scale.

For example – low pitch sounds are the same as dark colors, same as low numbers in negative.  The high pitched sounds are the same as light colors, same as high numbers in positive.

Learning music mixes is basically memorizing the spectrum, same as a mathematical equations.

The colors tell me what color is the note of tones to use in a mix.

With anything in life, when you figure out the probability of a calculations, you can then determine the end result.  Same thing in science.  Same thing in universal law.  It is all one in the same.

The variation is the fun part – the spice!!  The spice is the unexpected facial features on a person’s face when they eat something and their mind thought it was a different type of food.  Or when you are busy driving along and all of the sudden a fire truck drives by.  These are the unexpected – the spice – the variety – the adventure 🙂

I think of highs and low colors, which then gives me the tones of sounds.

I am going to make 3 music mixes for the music contest.  This is #1.