Dream – Blood Orange

Dream – Blood Orange

I was lucky a few days ago, I got to take a quick nap.  Usually when my head hits the pillow, I’m out in like 10 seconds, super easy, hahaha!!

That day I took a nap for like 2 minutes and of course my son’s dog woke me with his barking.  I still stay, if that dog could sing, he would sound like Barry White, hahaha!!.  He is a pit bull with a very deep voice.

I’m dreaming away and a man in my right vision, white and skinny is talking to a black man in my left vision, skinny.  White man clean shave, black man – beard with a lot of hair.  White man says to the black man, blood orange. In less then 2 minutes, Louie the dog barks and wakes me up.  Lucky me, don’t you just love dogs, hahaha!!!

Of course I check out my dream books and online.  Seems as though Blood is depending upon what culture you drift towards, would then give the interpretation of a meaning.  Blood stands for life or death.  Orange – drive and ambition.  Black and white is how one’s see’s the interpretation of a subject matter.

The interpretations I inherited from my mother is black or white, which I then am constantly showing her the rainbows of life.  The rainbows are the possibilities of any subject matter.

Black and white also stands for practicality and down to earth.