What is Metaphysics?

What is Metaphysics?

In the early 2000’s I was speaking with a friend.  My friend happened to mention the word Metaphysics and asked if I had ever heard of the word.  I had vaguely heard the term before.  Of course I will research until I find the core of any subject matter.  With most things in life language takes on a different life form through communication.

For example – when reiki was first taught to 12 students, everything was verbal.  There were no notes and you must know every thing by heart of what is being taught to you, or you will not become a reiki teacher.

Example – Translation gets lost in human brains due to the energy that lives within each human mind.  What is blue to one person will be green to someone else, simply through the variations of perception of sight.

In secular education – Government {western world}.  Esoteric education – before government {world}.

Before secular or esoteric education was nature.  Nature includes everything in life.  Nature was and still is the best teacher in life.  Anything in life that is taught is man-made.  It is taught through perception which may get lost in translation.

You can not teach anything in life unless you have learned it.  With Metaphysics you live the teachings.  Basically, it has been called the philosophy of life.  It is with anything in life – first you ponder (think about it) and then you put it in to action (science).


In college we were told to never use wikipedia, but it is simple and to the point, sometimes.

Metaphysics is basically the fundamentals of life.  The mechanics is the science of how something works.  To understand Metaphysics is to understand the fundamental mechanics.

When I first started researching Metaphysics, I came across this site.   http://www.whatismetaphysics.com/

After a year of studying, it was then time to attend college for Metaphysics.  After I received my AA in Behavioral Science/Anthropology and working with primates, it was time for Metaphysics.  If you do the research on the history of Metaphysics, you will then find out Metaphysics takes on different meanings through out the ages.

As with everything in life, the saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding”.  That is where science comes in.  We live in a world of – “doubting Thomas’s in the world, because that is what is being taught.  While trying to prove everything to everyone, there are some important factors being left out of the equation.

And this is pretty much where my next book begins.