Variety Is The Spice Of Life!!!!!

Variety Is The Spice Of Life!!!!!

Life is what you make of it.  I love life!!!!!

Every single day is the challenges of personal growth.  An open mind is bigger then any ocean or any body of land on earth.

The only way to see anything in life is to two see both sides of everything.

Bottom line – no such thing as negative or positive.  It is only an adventure in which a person then attaches an emotional attachment to that experience, AKA Only an experience in an AVENTURE!!!  It’s that simple 🙂

It is the land of discovering life.  If it is good thing make it bad.  If is a bad thing make it good.  Then you will have experienced both sides and then you will know what is true in your heart.


If a person chooses to have an opinion, they in turn choose to judge.  To judge is to separate yourself from something else.  Which then creates a detachment.  Bottom line – to judge is to then create in one’s own mind one is either better than or worse than something else.  To judge is the land of hierarchy of ego.  The hierarchy of ego is the two year old mentality of me, myself, and I.

Once again to judge is the 2 year old mentality of the ego, which then reiterates – too many children running around in adult bodies.  How are the future generations going to learn what it means to be a grown up, when all there is, is children running around in adult bodies.

To judge is for children to learn personal growth.  The learning process is called tough love.  It is tough to love one’s own self.  To judge others is only judging self.  To separate self is to separate self from love that one deserves.  When you love yourself fully in pure love, you will then receive the love you deserve.

Loving your self starts with loving life.  Literature, music, and art creates the vibrations of variety that gives spice to life.