From the beginning of my time in this lifetime, I choose a different path in life.

To be true to self, in all of self, within self, of self – 1 must become the observer and the observe simultaneously at 1 moment in time.

I am that 1 moment in time, every moment in time, at all of time.  I am one.

I in turn research, study, meditate, collect scientific facts, world history, world religions, pretty much everything ever written or ever record in time.  At the same time I do collect facts from other dimensions.  This is me, always has been, and always will be.

These are facts I see in present time with vision of human eyes and 3rd eye chakra of both visions in every moment in time.

The next book I am working on is a collections of all postings on this site, with some new information, that contains new mathematical configurations.

I have always believed that verbage is – verbal garbage.  Also, to communicate with human mouth is lazy man’s way of communication. Communication is through thought, that is an understood language – to and from open minds.

Connecting the bridge is connecting truth.  Starts from the heart chakra to the throat chakra.  Between the two hemispheres of the brain is the god neuron.  That neuron goes down to the heart chakra,  Which then give you the letter T.  The T stands for truth.

Man-made concepts – conditional and unconditional love.  Pure love only comes from truth.