The only thing constant in life is change.

The only thing constant in life is change.

Over six months ago, I tell my boss one day, something is coming, change is coming.  He said I feel it also.  Now 6 months later a ton of construction on every major street in the town I live in is getting worked on.

I have an A license – Commercial Drivers license.  You have to have an A license on a rig that is more than 18,000 lbs, it is usually what 18 wheel truck drivers have.  My rig is pretty big and driving the main streets is like an obstacle course with all the construction going on.  Now they are taking down the wood telephone poles along the streets and putting up metal poles.

I ask my boss are the metal poles hollow? He said yes.  That is #2.  #1 they started putting up tall metal fences around all the schools in the district last year and they plan to do all the school with new tall metal fencing.  I ask my boss, “if the metal telephone poles are hollow inside, basically anyone can dig a hole from the bottom up, through the pole, and basically attach anything they want to the outside of the pole.

The saying is always, “Big brother is always watching”.

Just sayn.