4 Quadrants

4 Quadrants –

Taken from – The Infinity of Infinite Self

“When we see, we see with the core internal vision of awareness, this is energy.  This is the world of holographic.  When we smell, we smell with the core internal smell of awareness, we smell senses out of range of the immediate vicinity.  When we taste we taste journeys of heightened awareness that are outside of the immediate vicinity.  When we touch with our heightened awareness we touch other dimensions with the sensation of past, present or future.  When we hear we use our ears, when we listen we listen with our whole being of all five human senses, which brings us into a higher sense of awareness.

By listening to our whole being we find the break down sectioned into three parts:

1) Faith of Love or Fear

2) Knowing or Intelligence

3) A Seed of Inner Self”

4 quadrants of understanding – Seek, find, conquer, move on –

1) seek what you don’t understand, 2) find what you don’t understand, 3) be in the knowing of what you didn’t understand and now you understand,  4) move on – because you have conquered the fear of not knowing, but now you know.

AKA – core of being.  The core of being contains the 4 bodies of being.

The questions are the keys – the answers are the doors.

Knowledge is the key to opening doors within your own mind of knowledge brought forth when you were born.  This is called a birth right.  It is a birth passage.

Everything in life has a time limit.  You pick and choose the time limit.  3D 3rd dimension in earth’s physical realm in the human 5 senses.  3D 3rd dimension is time/space and mass/matter.

The hierarchy of consciousness – top is Universal Consciousness which is then filtered down into the subconscious.

To know the fundamental mechanics, is to understand from the universal perspective beyond man-made concepts of intelligence.

On a side note – I have seen every episode of the tv show bones.  It’s super cool if you are into anthropology.  My mom said, “That’s you”.  Well the analytical part, for sure is me.  I received my degree in Anthropology years ago, because it is very interesting that the past gives us so many stories.  We get to figure out the puzzle pieces.

Years later my mom tells me watch the movie K-Pax, because it is you.  So I watch the movie, and yep it makes a ton of sense, nothing new to me.   A couple of days ago, she tells me watch the movie – Lucy, she says once again, “it is you”.  I watched the movie, and yep nothing new there that I didn’t already know.  I said, “Mom I wrote about this stuff a few years ago in my book, nothing new to me”.

I tell my mom of things to come, to help guide her, but I tell her years in advance.  Simply because I know she will need the information in the future.  When I share things with her, she doesn’t understand.  So when she sees a movie or other things that happen in life, is when a bell/light goes off in her head.  This is when it registers in her brain things I told her years before.  When she tells me something, all I say is, “I already told you that, you just didn’t understand”.

The book – Infinity of Infinite Self – contains 3 papers in one book.  It contains my masters and two doctorates, published into a book.  When my advisor in college graded my dissertation for my PhD. she also wrote me a letter.  In the letter she said, “You have a beautiful mind and it is a few millennium beyond most human beings”.  I cried, because that was the most beautiful thing anyone ever said to me.

Many tell me I have to bring it down, because it is hard for humans to comprehend.  So that is one of the points of a children’s book.

They say I have god’s gifts; I just call it being natural everyday normal stuff.  To obtain all the knowledge is the greatest gift anyone could give to self.

Humans have 3 choices.  Conditional love and unconditional love are man-made concepts in 3D 3rd dimension in the positive and negative side of self. 3rd choice – pure love, which is only obtainable from core of being as one.