Healing and/or Cleansing – Which one?

Healing and/or Cleansing – Which one?

These are typical questions – only when something comes up does this even cross our minds.

PMI – is a technical term for Preventive Maintenance Intervention.

To keep something from reoccurring, we want to prevent something to stop doing what it is doing.  That would be through optimal health.

Optimal health falls in the lines of – 1) Mental health, 2) Physical health, 3) Emotional Health, and 4) Spiritual health.

You choose on a daily basis where you direct your energy.  You choose on a daily basis of what is a priority in your life.  These are daily choices that everyone gets to choose.  All 4 bodies of being create Optimal health.  Each one needs daily wholistic nutrition to create a whole being in optimal health.

An auric picture gives a snap shot in time the emotional body of being.

Auric Picture
Auric Picture

There are many types of cleanings.

Foot Reflexology
Foot Reflexology

A healer needs to know what body part needs cleanings.

Internal Organs
Internal Organs

Another option is Iridology.

Iridology Chart
Iridology Chart

Those are cleansing options.  A healing option takes more time and more effort on the part of the client.

There is a pattern on how a person collects diseases.  It is the dis-ease of something that the core of being is out of sink with self.

A person can heal a particular part of self and discover later a new aliment or aliments have popped-up in another part of 1 of the 4 bodies of being.  Basically it was only a surface healing.  A deep healing is different.  A deep healing is learning how to change one’s own brain wave activities.

To change you brain wave activities is to know your purpose.  Why are you here and what is the point.



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