This is spring break week for kids.  Plus I’m getting a new water pump put on my car.  Yep my car is old and I got the same news today, the usual – you need another car.  I love my car!!  It’s like shoes you got to break them in so they feel comfortable on your feet.  But, my car is a 1990 and I guess by today’s standards that is old.  So yep it’s on the list to do when I get around to it.

Anyways, cleaning today – don’t you just love paper work 🙂

Ran across a movie the other day – Celestine Prophecy.  The movie describes aura’s.  You might want to check it out.

Also, in palmistry – Left hand/moon/receiver/female / Right hand/sun/giver/male.  Thumb – Fire, Index finger – Air, Middle Finger – Heaven, Ring Finger – Earth, Pinky – Water.

Feng Shui – Left side of the human body – Female,  Right side of human body – Male



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