5N1 1st Adventure

5N1 1st Adventure
5N1 1st Adventure

5N1 1st Adventure

Is the continuation of –  5N1 First Flight

The book series 5N1 is an epic adventure of a girl – Shawanaisha in her past, present, and future life times.

Synopsis  – 5N1 1st Adventure,

Book series 5N1. Setting year 3050, universe #23, planet #3.
Continuation ….. From 5N1 First Flight
The two suns Tiana and Tialin crossed over each other on opposite sides, as if the sky had split into two colors; until they were directly across from each other. The 2 moons began to peak their shapes over the lushly densely packed greenery mountains, just beyond Maoolakee. Between the two moons Tsumisna and Tsumiswu, it is very typical among brothers and sisters to disagree upon things and when this happens, two eclipses are prevalent across the land of Shawaytu.
Shawaytu is a very vibrant and exhilarating place for fractal energies to live in peace. Every day brings true form to life. This particular day was a mile stone for Shawanaisha. She experienced her first day of freedom. The fractal 5 knew this and they were prepared for what came next. Or at least they thought they did.

Release date – May 9th, 2015