Everyday Is A Blessing


I have been very busy lately.  Some one decided that they wanted my twitter account so they hacked it.  So I deleted my twitter account.  Then I had problems getting into this account.
I have had this website for over 4 years now.  It makes absolutely no sense what so ever why someone would want to hack an account that is pro-bono (legal term for free)  Non-profit.
While I was away, I have now more Indie musicals (music videos) on YouTube.  They are scenes for the books.  I’m in the process of working on 3rd book for series 5N1.  When complete, then those 3 eBooks will be available in 1 paper back.  The eBooks are short, easy to read for children.
In a few months the music will be available to the public.
Everyday I wake up I say – Everyday is a blessing.  Only very few get that.  Everyday is a blessing to me, because I have lived through many cancers and now for the past 16 years living with a disease.  Thyroid disease changes your life.  But do I sit and say oh poor me, of course not, that is for the living dead.  I love life!!  Life inspires me!!
Just like you hear about some ghost or spirits want to take over a person’s body, cause they don’t want to live in the darkness any more.  If one ever tried with me, I would just say, “are you out of your ever-loving mind!.  I have too much too do, then to waste my time with you.  Go on your way, cause I’m busy loving life”.  That simple and to the point.
Basically who ever decided to hack my accounts, all that told me is they wanted attention and did not know how to ask with respect.  Which shows me once again – there are too many children in adult bodies running around on earth.  That simple and to the point.
Everyday is a blessing