I am in the process of painting – COLLISION COURSE.

My music therapy while painting is of course psychedelic music.  Sounds are tweaked which brings ear candy.  Same thing that any native does in their own country when they are on a spiritual path. They create sounds which are vibrations that takes a person into another world, that world is the psyche.  That connection brings new vibrations into the existing world of 3D 3rd dimension.

I have already explained what 3D 3rd dimension is in my book and on past post, so no need to reiterate.

COLLISION COURSE is the cover of my next children’s book – 5N1 First Adventure.

COLLISION COURSE is basically a force that is good.  It takes Traessence and Frixie to the world they need to go, instead of the world they so choose to go.  The world they are sent to is the year 3050, Universe #23 {Imashtuk}, 3rd planet {Shawaytu}.

As soon as I finish painting COLLISION COURSE, 5N1 First Adventure will be published on Smashwords.  Smashwords is cool.  You get a choice of how you want your eBook.  You can down load as a PDF, or purchase through Barnes & Noble, or even Kobo, and the choices are many.

Then I will be working to combined all 3 eBooks into 1 paper back book.  Then the fun of learning how to on audio books, it should be an interesting adventure, hahaha!

3D 3rd dimension – What goes up must come down {closed mind}

Real world – What goes down must come up {open mind} / rebirth.